Carousel House School

5520 Far Hills Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45429

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Carousel House School began in 1956. The reputation of our school as a quality educational facility providing a
developmentally appropriate, loving, safe and respectful learning environment has sustained for over fifty years!
Since 2000, Carousel House School has continued to provide programs in early childhood education as a non-profit
school located in the education wing of St. George Episcopal Church.

Carousel House School serves children ages 2-7+ has a capacity of 54 children.
Carousel House School offers instructional programs in Kindergarten Readiness, Begindergarten, and Preschool
and has an After School Program for a selected group of School-age students 

Carousel School House Updates

Calendar of Events:

September 26, Friday: Centerville Schools closed but we are OPEN
October 13, Monday: Columbus Day, Centerville Schools closed but we are OPEN
October 13 and October 14: PICTURE DAYS, individual and group pictures
October 17, Friday: Yankee Candle fundraiser orders due with money. Sorry, we cannot accept late orders or orders                                                       without payment
October 29, 30: Halloween Parties, Please check with your child's teacher for dates and needed  items. NO costumes, please.

Letter from the Director
Dear Parents,
Thanks to all our parents who are making such a terrific effort to allow their students to be responsible for their belongings.  We have seen some wonderful results and even our littlest ones are doing an amazing job!
This month we are emphasizing nutrition and the importance of chosing healthy snacks--especially when Halloween candy looms in our near futures! We'll be talking to the students about healthy eating all month long and encouraging them to bring healthy choices for snack time.   Our rules for morning snack is a fruit, vegetable, yogurt, or cheese.
We will make great efforts to encourage our students to try new things! When the children complains about something they've brought for snack or lunch, our school rule is- Try a bite!
Children's needs and appetites will vary from day to day. Please pack a variety of healthy foods each day. Remember, we send home all uneaten food.

Visual Image Picture Day
We realize that our picture days have landed on the very day Centerville Schools will be closed.  Students who do not come on Monday are welcome to come in on Tuesday to have a picture taken.  Siblings are also welcome to have their pictures taken together.
If you would like your child's photo taken, just return the form to us- we can take individual portraits on either Monday or Tuesday.  You do not have to pay in advance, but rather view photos in about 2 weeks and choose the ones you want to purchase.
Class pictures will be taken on these days.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser
First, a BIG thank you to all who supported our first City Barbeque fundraiser.  We have another date in the spring.  It's always fun to visit with the families who stay to dine in!
We have started our annual Yankee Candle fundraiser.  Please do not feel obligated to participate, but of course we are very grateful for anyone who supports this fundraiser.  Last years was so successful, we were able to purchase the new carpets for our classrooms.  All proceeds go to the purchase of new materials for our kids.


Healthy snacks come from home. Students who come all day have two snack times, once in the middle of morning class, and another in the middle of afternoon class. Limit cookies, candy and fruit snacks, please.

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